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3 Flower Gardening Tips

Flower gardening is a simple and rewarding hobby for many people. It does require hard work and dedication but the rewards are far better. Here are a few flower gardening tips that will keep your flower garden in tiptop condition and in the process enjoy yourself.

Flower Gardening Tip #1 : Planting

One of the most important steps in flower gardening is deciding where to do your planting. If you decide to plant it in a container, you can pretty much replicate the soil conditions you wanted. It is easier and much simpler to manage.

If you decide to plant it in your backyard, you should do a soil test first to determine the type of soil in your backyard. You can grab a test soil kit from your neighborhood gardening store which should be readily available.

Ideally, you want the soil to be composed of equal parts clay and sand. Too much of either clay or sand is not suitable for flower gardening. Clay does not drain well and roots cannot get hold easily in clay. Sand does not retain nutrients and elements well and does not hold together easily therefore it is impossible to grow flowers on sand.

Flower Gardening Tip #2 : Gardening Journal

A gardening journal can help you keep track of your flower garden progress and is recommended. With a gardening journal, you can keep track of the success and failure you have with the type of flowers you have grown in your pot or backyard. Doing so can reduce the amount of time you need to grow your next flower garden. You can use any notepad to keep track. There are even professional software available on the market that does this.

Flower Gardening Tip #3 : Organic Materials

All flowers require fertilizers to grow well. A suitable amount of organic matter or fertilizer in the soil makes it fertile and nutrient rich. It would be easier to grow flowers on such soil.

If your soil does not have much organic matter, it is still pretty easy to change the soil by adding compost to it. Compost is the remains of plants and animals and you can get it easily from your gardening supply store.

Compost provides nutrients and can help in drainage and hold moisture, conditions necessary for flower gardening.

There are other flower gardening tips as well but the above 3 flower gardening tips are in my opinion the most important to growing a flower garden.

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