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All About Topsoil

One of the most important things in your lawn, at least from your plantsí viewpoint, is the topsoil. A plant utilises the topsoil for the growth of their root system. When you consider that topsoil is only the topmost layer of dirt, around 2 Ĺ-7 inches of the uppermost soil, that is not much area in which to derive all your nutrients and water from. This is why the quality, content, and water retention of your topsoil are so important.

Odds are high that if you do, or have done even a bit of lawn care or gardening, youíre familiar with the need to renew the topsoil. A way to explain this is to look at your commercial farms. They rotate their crops from field to field on a routine. The reason for this is to allow the soil to recover and rebuild itís nutrients. Very often when one crop is rotated out, and another is planted immediately following, itís a plant which thrives off the leftover nutrients the plant before it couldnít utilise. More often though, the field is left to breathe, and no further crops are planted there for a set time. The same holds true for your home lawn soil.

To get the utmost out of your home lawn, you must renew your topsoil. There are many methods for this. Some people merely cultivate, or till the soil to turn over newer nutrient-rich soil. While some prefer to use commercially available fertiliser, even more, who are aware of environmental interests, choose to use homemade compost. While there certainly isnít any Ďrightí method, you should assess your topsoil on a regular basis, and from there, decide not only if it is time to refresh it, but also which method you prefer to use for the renewal of your topsoil. If you pay close attention to your topsoil needs, youíre sure to have a lawn to be envied!

Written by Alexis Masterson. Find the latest information on topsoil Hockessin Delaware as well as Topsoil Kennett Square Pennsylvania

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