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Building a Compost Bin – The Secret Plan Revealed!

Building a compost bin can be a fun and challenging project for the family. And, at the same time it allows you to help save the environment.

A compost bin is basically a “container” for turning waste organic material such as fruit and vegetable peelings, leaves and grass clippings into compost so that they can be used as fertilizers or to improve soil quality.

There are basically 2 bin systems which many people use. One is the 3 bin system whereby the bins are either connected or individually lined up. The purpose is to use different bins for different types of composts such as regular compost, slow compost like woody plants or leaves collected in fall.

Yet another purpose of the 3 bin system is to move the compost from 1 bin to the next, allowing it to turn. Each bin is for compost at a different stage of decay. And, when the compost makes it to the third bin, it is ready for use.

The other bin system is the simple 1 bin system where it is one size fits all.

Before building a compost bin, you may wish to consider using materials like a 16-guage plastic-coated wire mesh and hardware cloth. Other choices include the hog wire spoiled hay bales, old cinder blocks or bricks, wooden pallets, snow fencing, and a discarded rabbit hutch Do not used pressure-treated wood, as it has toxic levels of copper and chromium, and it can potentially poison your compost.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to build a compost bin is to construct it from wooden pallets. You can easily get them from grocery, hardware stores, and warehouses. Use plastic ties to hold four pallets together in a box formation. If you are going for a 3 bin system, simply add another bin by attaching 3 more pallets using one side of the already made bin to complete another box.

Do note that this simple to build compost bin will be composting itself in 2 years’ time. Well, by that time, it’s time to have fun building a compost bin again!

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