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Easy Composting - The Benefits Of The Compost Tumbler

Composting is no easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, and persistence-unless, of course, you own a compost tumbler. In that case, composting requires little work, some dedication, and not much persistence at all, all while mixing compost the same way you would with a giant compost heap in the backyard. How easy is that?

Although open composting has its advantages, using a compost tumbler saves time and keeps your compost pile aerated with little effort. Instead of manually turning over your compost pile, a compost tumbler does the work for you in its internal chamber. There's no need to turn over your compost with a pitchfork; you simply turn it-no fuss, no muss. By keeping it aerated with just a few turns every few days, you can rest assured that the microbes are actively eating and decomposing the matter. All you really need to do is carry your kitchen scraps out to your compost tumbler, throw them in, and turn.

The compost tumbler doesn't just stop at minimizing the work time needed to compost. Some tumblers are built raised off the ground, while others maximize heat absorption, which makes your compost decompose faster. Some include dual chambers that allow mixing up compost while throwing in new scraps, thereby aerating old compost and allowing for new stuff to decompose. Then there are tumblers with screened vents to ensure even air flow. Many tumblers come with optional tea collectors that create "compost tea", a nutritious liquid drawn from food decomposition. It sounds gross, but that's probably because it's not for drinking; it's an excellent dilute fertilizer. Moreover, open compost piles can attract rodents and other creatures. Let's just say it could get hairy. But if your compost pile is in a tumbler, it's well protected from the animal kingdom.

Give your flower bed a breath of fresh (er, actually, not-so-fresh) "black gold". Turn your waste into something useful. Help save the environment. Composting allows you to do all that, and the compost tumbler allows you to do so without much maintenance needed. Alleviate the stress and labor that comes with composting the old-fashioned way and get yourself a tumbler! Now, wasn't that easy?

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