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Garden Potting Benches

Garden benches that are accompanied with plant-potting facilities are known as garden potting benches. These benches function as both benches for sitting and also as pot holders. Most people who want to make the most of their gardens use garden potting benches as they ensure a proper utilization of space in the gardens.

Garden potting benches are made of a number of materials, but cedar or other wooden materials are the most popular ones, as they look very natural and earthy and usually merge very well with gardens. These potting benches are available as fully assembled pieces in the market but can also be custom-made, depending on the choice of the buyer. In case they are custom made, the potting benches usually take 2 to 3 weeks to be ready for use. They are available in a number of colors ranging from the natural finish look to the color finished look. Some of them are also sold with an unfinished look and such pieces are usually cheaper than the ones that are sold with a finished look. Potting benches with an unfinished look are usually available for $200- $220, while the finished and colored ones range between $220- $250.

Most of the garden potting benches are handcrafted and are made to order from kiln-dried clear cedar and each potting bench is a mark of craftsmanship in itself. These potting benches are great for gardening enthusiasts, who love to entertain people in their gardens as these potting benches also act as excellent barbecue side tables.

Features of most potting benches are more or less similar. Some of them might have additional buckets, while other may have two or more shelves on the top and at the bottom to allow for more storage space.

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