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If you are new to gardening, this article will give you a few tips to help you make your first garden as good as any seasoned gardener. The first thing you should consider for many reasons are what you are going to plant, and where are you going to plant? For obvious reasons, location is important when growing plants that need sun, as is shade when it is required for survival. Try not to plant to close to trees, as trees will compete for water. However, if your plants require little water, than planting around a tree is encouraged.

The next step requires that you prepare your spot for planting. You must remove all grass, weeds, stones, etc. You can either do this buy digging or by using herbicides. When this is done, you can till the garden area and add nutrients like compost, manure, peat or sand to the soil. The way to decide what you need is to look for things like a large content of clay in the soil. If you see it, you need to ad sand, peat and compost. If your soil is too sandy, you'll need to add compost to give it the necessary nutrients it needs. These additives will also reduce the acidity in the soil, allowing for more of a variety of plants.

Decide on what you want to plant keeping in mind that taller plants should be placed in the rear section of the garden and shorter plants to the front. This holds true for vegetable plants as well. Above all, remember that watering is very important. Plants should be watered every day initially, then every two days for the second week and at least once a week thereafter. This allows for the roots of the plant to take hold and stay strong.

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