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How To Build A Compost Bin

For those of you with pesky neighbors who don't appreciate big piles of yard waste rotting in plain sight, there is the compost bin. The compost bin keeps your compost neat and tidy. Choosing the right type of bin for you is less about your composting needs and more about your personal preference. Your compost won't know the difference between being piled in a corner and rotting away behind the custom built cedar doors of a multi-bin setup.

The simplest compost bin you can build is to not build one at all. It's not an option for all of us but those in the country with lots of acreage can just stack up their yard waste in a pile.

Another easy option for a compost bin is to purchase a length of temporary wire fencing such as chicken wire, rabbit fencing or whatever you can get your hands on. Hammer a few posts in the ground so that the fence holds it's shape and stands upright and attach the fence with string or wire. Start filling it up with leaves and grass clippings and that's it you're done.

This last option will take the longest to build but will also last the longest and look the best. Compost will rot the quickest if it's in a pile at least 4'x4'x4'. That's four feet wide by four feet long by four feet deep. So building a cube out of four foot 2x4's is a great way to make a compost bin. Connect the four foot sections at the corners of the cube with galvanized nails or screws and then attach some of that wire fencing that was mentioned above, to the sides with heavy duty wood staples. As your needs for compost grow, build another cube and place it next to your first one. Now you have a multi-bin system. Start your compost in the first bin and as it decomposes move it to the next bin. Moving your compost to a new bin is a great way to aerate it.

Stay away from pressure treated lumber and just realize that your bin will rot in about 5-10 years. Seems fitting that a compost bin will eventually turn to compost itself.

Whether you take a wire fence and bend it into a circle or you break out your woodworking skills and create a masterpiece, your compost bin will help you keep your garden healthy and happy.

Anthony Tripodi is the webmaster of WatchItRot.com - The Compost Guide. For more information about building a compost bin, visit http://www.watchitrot.com.

Source: www.articletrader.com