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What Is Perennial Gardening

Perennial gardening is fast becoming a popular form of gardening. It basically refers to plants that can grow back every year. Most plants need to grow from a seed or transplants every year. However perennial plants do not.

Examples of perennial gardening plants are hibiscus, aloe, tulips, iris and caladium. Once given the right conditions, they grow year after year.

This however does not mean that perennial gardening is something you just set and forgotten. You still need to do some care and maintenance once in a while.

Before starting a perennial garden, you will need to consider several factors. Some factors are the amount of sunlight and water the plants will need each day and the location of the garden itself and also how much attention and care you can afford to the garden each day.

If you cannot spare time to take care of the perennial garden, I would recommend you grow plants that do not grow too rapidly or uses pollination.

It is also important when growing a perennial garden to select plants that grow well in your geographical area. The types of plants you select should have the same living conditions. For example, do not mix plants that have different likes for the soil. Some plants like dry soil while others prefer moist soil.

You will also need to consider the growing season of the perennial plants. Some have shorter blooming seasons, while others are longer. Some plants bloom in summer, some in fall and some in the beginning of each year.

With careful planning, you can design a perennial garden that is blooming all year round

Usually when you are in the first year of perennial gardening, it is not that attractive as the plants are just taking root. The plants will only start to bloom in the second year. Therefore as I said earlier, it is important you plan and design your perennial garden first so that you do not need to radically change your garden.

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