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Container Herbs - the Perfect Solution

Growing herbs for decoration or for cooking has become a popular indoor hobby. Growing herbs in a container indoors is a perfect solution for those who want to grow year round, or those who donít have the garden space. Herbs normally do better in the ground, but by taking special precautions you can have a thriving indoor herb garden. Planting herbs in containers allows you to position herbs in an area of your home that will help them grow.

Combine different colors of herbs in your herb container arrangements. Artemisias, santolinas and curry plants have a silvery-green hue. Golden herbs like lemon thyme, calendula, and nasturtiums will give your herb garden a bright and sunny hue.

Herbs can be grown in groups in containers for a full and pleasing effect. Herbs grown in groups also benefit from the microclimate created between the plants. The amount of herbs you can plant in a container is only limited by the size of the container. Make sure to leave at least four inches square for each herb plant.

To successfully set up herbs in containers, start with a clean container that will allow good drainage for your herbs. Make sure the soil that you use is porous to allow water to absorb into the roots. Try a commercial potting mix rather than plain garden soil. The potting mix will have the right amount of minerals to support the growth of your herbs.

Once you've planted your herbs, make sure to check them regularly to see if they need water. Different herbs will require different levels of moisture, so make sure to water accordingly. Remove any weeds that pop up in your herb containers, and trim back any dead branches or leaves. Once every two weeks, give your herbs plant food to support their growth.

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