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How To Grow Bonsai Trees

In order to grow bonsai trees there are some things you will need before you begin. This includes having the right bonsai tools and equipment for your bonsai tree.

Here are some of the items you will need for your bonsai tree:

- bonsai pot or container
- bonsai seeds
- bonsai soil mix
- fine gravel
- bonsai wire
- digging tool
- bonsai shears

Bonsai Pots

There are a lot of different bonsai pots to choose from. The shapes, sizes, and colors are so varied that choosing a particular pot can be very challenging.

But finding the right kind of pot is not that easy. A bad choice of pot can actually lessen the tree's impact. However, a pot that is chosen well will also work to emphasize the beauty of the bonsai plant and will allow it to achieve its maximum potential.

Bonsai Seeds

Once you have gathered the bonsai seeds, it is necessary to place them in water for the night in order to differentiate which seeds are potentially viable and which ones are not. Those that will float are not usable, but the ones that will sink are those that you will be working with.

Before sowing your bonsai seeds, make sure that you have chosen a pot that is about has a depth of 15 cm or 6" and features a drainage hole. The lowest portion of the pot should contain an earth mix. The next layer should contain a mixture of potting soil and fine gravel. This layer should be about 1" below the pot's rim.

Insert the bonsai seeds 1" to 2" inches apart, then lay the the final layer which is composed of a mixture of potting compost and akadama. Use a fine spray nozzle to water the seedbed.

Bonsai Soil

Using the right bonsai soil mix can be very beneficial for a bonsai tree. It is important that the bonsai soil can hold moisture and nutrients needed by the plant because the health and beauty of the bonsai tree heavily depends on the quality of soil.

This is just some of the things you will need to know and have before you start to grow bonsai trees, but there is much more to know as well. These topics are provided in more detail at the link below.

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