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Tips For a Long Lasting Amaryllis

An amaryllis grows from large bulbs. In fact, the bigger the bulb, the larger the flower. Always buy a names variety.

The Growers Exchange carries the following:

- Appleblossom Light pink and white striped

- Christmas Gift - White

- Oscar Red

- Byon Salmon

- Dwarf Amaryllis

o Picotee White with fine red edge

o Pamela Brilliant Red

- Extra Large Bulbs

o Christmas Gift White

o Liberty

POTTING : An amaryllis bulb should fit snugly into its pot, therefore choose which pot will allow a 1 margin around the bulb. Layer the bottom of the pot with of gravel, and the bulb should be way out of the soil. Use a good commercial potting soil, and make sure to firm the soil around the roots of the bulb. Water the soil well, and allow it to drain. Do not water the bulb again until you see the first signs of growth. This will vary from within a few days to a few months. The first sign will be a flower bud, and once this is evident, begin a routine of:

- constantly moist soil

- mild temperatures (nights in the 60s)

- sunshine

The blooms should last for about one month.

AFTER-CARE: If you want to ensure a healthy, blooming plant next ear, it is important to take care of your amaryllis after the show. Keep the plant in the sun and feed and water while the foliage grows. As the leaves turn yellow, cut them close to the top of the bulb. Stop water and food and give them a month or so of rest. To promote growth, wash away 1 of the old soil and give your bulb a new batch of top soil with tsp. of bone meal.

In 1985, Briscoe White opened The Growers Exchange in an abandoned Texaco station on a busy urban street corner in Richmond, Virginia. The facility has grown over the years, and is now 5 distinct growing environments with 5 acres under cover. Briscoe has over 25 years of gardening experience. For further information on flower gardening products or gardening tips please contact Briscoe White at bwhite@thegrowersexchange.com

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