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Protect Your Lawn with Organic Lawn Care

If you regularly look after your lawn with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, then you may not realize that you could actually be damaging the environment. We purchase our lawn care products thinking that they are good for our lawn and that they are safe to use. However that is sadly not always the case.

If you really want to look after your lawn then organic lawn care is what you need. It gives you a peace of mind when your children are out playing on the lawn and you will know that you are helping to protect the environment.

Using the Right Organic Lawn Care

One of the most surprising things that you will learn when it comes to your lawn, is that taller grass is actually healthier. This is generally because longer grass is better able to cope with everyday stresses and strains than shorter grass is. Ideally you should ensure that your lawn has three inches of grass. In the summer months this tends to be even more important as short grass has a habit of drying out and turning yellow or brown. Longer grass has deeper roots and that allows them to get al of the moisture that they need.

Also another important factor to remember is that your grass seedlings will also be looked after if there is loner grass next to them. The sunís harmful rays cannot get to the seedlings as much if they are shaded by longer grass and so they survive a lot better than they would if you had shorter grass.

You may find that you need to fertilize your lawn and if that is the case then opt for an organic fertilizer. You can find these in most garden stores but if not, you can always find them on the Internet too. You should never use fertilizer in the summer months however; doing so will only cause your lawn to overheat. So it is better to use fertilizer during either fall or spring months.

If your lawn suffers from pests then it would be a good idea to use an organic pesticide too. Alternatively you can use other methods to keep the pests at bay. Things such as placing a bird bath in your garden will attract local birds which will in turn eat your pests. If you provide them with shrubs they will also hide in there and it will encourage the birds to stay around for longer.

Overall organic lawn care is simple when you know how and the only main rule is to avoid any chemical products.

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