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Summer Lawn Care - Greener Grass in a Hurry

Is your Lawn looking a little yellow towards the end of Summer? Well you are not alone, most lawns start to suffer the combined effects of lots of use with everyone visiting, the neighbours coming round to our Summer barbeque and the kids enjoying a run around in the yard.

The poor grass has taken a battering, all that activity has severely ‘bruised’ the grass and causes it to take time out to recover, seeking more nutrients from the ground through the roots. The bruising is much more severe than simply mowing with a lawnmower that has a roller, since you’ll notice those grand ‘stripes’ in the lawn soon disappear as the grass recovers.

If you are panicking at the state of the lawn and need greener grass in a hurry there is a ‘quick fix’. Perhaps you are hosting an open-house or having the final family event in your yard this year. What you can do is use a nitrogen fertilizer in the form of urea.

This should only be applied as a light dose and preferably to the most worn areas of the grass and the worst yellow patches, since the grass will only benefit from this booster in the very short term.

You will see the grass turn much greener over the next 2 to 3 days, since the urea fertilizer is giving the grass exactly what it is searching for – more nitrogen nutrients – NOW! This greening will only last for about 2 weeks, since by then the fertilizer has been absorbed or has continued its path lower into the ground.

Be warned, that this is not a fix to be applied regularly, since the lawn will become entirely Dependant upon your addition of artificial fertilizers.

Why is this a problem?

Every plant and that means all the grass in this case, should have a sustainable food source, mostly from regular organic sources. Most of this is provided by the activities of worms in the lawn, digesting other waste materials, such as dead leaves and providing natural fertilizer where the grass needs it most, at the roots.

Other insect life, such as ants and woodlice are also part of the great tidy-up and recycle that nature provides and in doing so blesses your whole yard with additional natural fertilizers as a result.

We can all help lawns with additional fertilizers, but most are so ‘instant’ that they do not encourage strong root growth in the grass and potentially encourage roots to rise closer to the surface. You may have seen this in plants that are being watered or fed too frequently and in small amounts.

Fertilize for a fix, not for the normal care of your lawn, there are better organic means to keep it green and healthy throughout the year.

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Source: www.isnare.com