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Basic Landscape Gardening Tips

The process of creating a complete scene through the growing of bushes, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants in strategic locations is called landscape gardening. The first thing you need to do is envision what you want your yard to look like several year down the road. If you do not have much ideas, you can get some from gardening magazines.

The first part of your landscape will be the things that do not need to be grown. Let say for instance a rock patch, or a mulch area, this should be taken care of first, before looking at the longer term project. Trees that are place well, can add a lot to the overall aesthetic of your yard. You can make a choice of a single tree or a cluster of trees.

Choose a tree which has an attractive shape, bark and leaves and flowers that would not bother you in the future. Fruit trees that will thrive in your local area can be planted. Not only will you have beautiful trees in your landscape, but you can get some delicious fruits every season.

Another important part of your landscape should be shrubs. There are a variety of shrubs in any given region, so you can do some research for the ones you want for your yard. You should consider the season in which the bloom. If you plan right, you can find the type shrub so that a least one group is blooming almost year round. Shrubs can be used to provide focal points for your yard, or even use them to form a hedge.

So make a plan of the shrubs, trees, and flowers you will use before hand, and gradually grow a beautiful landscape yard. You should think about the technical aspects, such as what you will use to build your flowerbeds and what you will use as a drainage.

Daniel D Junior is a freelance writer and contributor for this website Basic landscape gardening tips and benefits

Source: www.articledashboard.com