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Herbs Gardening

This is a very easy thing to do once you made the right preparations and informed yourself well. I will give you a good overview on what you need to know to successful herbs gardening.

The history of herbs gardening goes back onto the monks and nuns in medieval times that grew a lot of herbs in their backyard for medical reasons. Also a lot of so called "witches" grew all the magical herbs. In nowadays the reasons to herb growing are not that much different: A lot of people just want to be autonomous and produce something for themselves.

This is where the herbs gardening becomes handy. You can grow different herbs just for the use in the kitchen for the cooking process, you could also grow herbs that you intent to use as alternative medicine or you could simply grow them for decorative reasons. If you want herbs for cooking just check out a list of herbs you need for common recipes and you will have your list of seeds you need to get. If you want to grow them for the alternative medicine go and inform yourself before doing that on the specific topic you want them for. If you simply want them for decoration you should just get a herb or plant catalog and pick the most beautiful herbs like parsley or purple basil.

Now once you've created your own herb list and got the seeds from your gardener or a catalog go out into your garden and create a new bed for the herbs. Make sure to separate it good from your other plants, i suggest you use a raised bed because i like to put a layer of stones beneath the actual soil so the soil doesn't become too wet and tough. Mix the soil with compost or sand to make it more fluffy.

Now you probably got a mix of annuals biennials and perennial herbs for the herbs gardening so you should also make sure to separate the annuals from the other herbs. If you got mints you have to watch them closely because they like to spread over the whole garden and you don't want that right ?

For the sowing go and make a small crack into the ground and then put the seeds into there. Then cover them with a small layer of soil. Make sure to always keep the soil wet enough (but do not drown the herbs please!). You should always sow the herbs in early spring if you don't want to herbs gardening in the winter indoors in containers. Also most of the herbs are resistant to frost but you should consider taking the weakest ones indoors over the winter. So that is it. This should help you to get started with the herb gardening.

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