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  • How to Build a Simple Potting Bench
    The potting bench that you are about to read about is not fancy, but very functional. It is also very easy to build and use. Except it doesn't have any legs! Don't panic, having a legless potting bench is actually a benefit. I'll get to that a little later. The potting bench described in this article is actually identical to the potting bench that we have been using for years in our backyard nursery, and it has served us well, potting up tens o Read More...
  • Potting Soil Or Topsoil - The Truth
    Picture this. Everything is set up. You already got the grass seeds, flower seeds and vegetable seeds, and now the only question is what kind of soil you want to use: Potting soil or topsoil. Do not fret; this very question has puzzled many before you and is sure to puzzle many to come, but here is the basic run-down to help you make the best decision. The first thing we need to do is to define each one, and add in one more "soil" that most peop Read More...
  • Easy-Made Potting Mixes
    If your container plants arenít doing well, suspect the potting mix. Arboretums, botanic gardens and even gung-ho gardeners have different potting soils for just about every conceivable plant. What they use for azaleas is completely different from what they use when potting herbs, and a mix used for a cactus is quite unlike what water lilies get potted into. (I once bought a mix that actually contained colorful chunks of ground-up telephone wire Read More...