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Compost Pile - The Way To A Healthy Garden

There is no doubt about it a healthy garden needs good rich compost to enrich the soil with nutrients to replenish those taken out by year round growing. If your planning on making your own compost pile make sure you have everything ready and start your project at the right time of year. The best time to start your compost pile is in the fall period when there are plenty of leaves to form the compost pile base.

There are many way's to make a compost pile but here is one sure way to make it a success. First you are going to need some sheets of plastic, these are to prevent tree roots and weeds from getting up into the mix. Lay the sheets on the ground to make enough area for a 3 or 4 foot square pile.

Next you are going to spread a layer of grass cuttings or leaves over the plastic roughly 6 inches deep and shovel a 1inch layer of beneficial garden loam over the leaves. Repeat this process of adding a layer of loam and leaves until the compost pile is roughly 4 feet high.

To speed up the composting action of your pile you can use organic material, shred leaves into much smaller pieces ( a Black and Decker Leaf Hog is ideal for this ). If the leaves are dry you should dampen them after they are completely mulched up. If you have used oak leaves you should add some ground up limestone to the mix. This will help reduce the acidity of the oak Leaves.Lastly you can add some natural fertilizer, cow manure is good for this.

Your compost pile should be situated in a shady part of your garden in order to help retain the moisture and make sure the center of the pile is lower than the sides which will also help to hold in the moisture. Do not be tempted to disturb the pile during the first few weeks, give it time to heat up in the center. After about three weeks it should be starting to look more like compost and you can then start to turn it over with a shovel every couple of weeks.

Applying compost is an affordable way to a healthy garden no matter what sort of things you plan to grow you need healthy soil. By making your own compost pile, instead of relying on pre made bagged fertilizer you would be doing yourself and the environment a service.

There are other types of compost pile designs but the one described above is a fairly simple one to build and is usually the kind most gardeners start out with.

Every gardener yearns for a healthy garden and the way to achieve this is to supply your soil with rich nutrients. The best way to supply these nutrients is by creating a Compost Pile You need the valuable information at http://www.compostpile.net to help you achieve your dream garden. Visit us now.

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