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Why To Use Compost-Benefits

Compost is the final product of biodegradable material decomposition. It is dark brown, crumbly, and smells earthy. You may also find some pieces of leaves in it.

Why to use compost

Compost is a good soil amendment. Compost is a very good soil conditioner. Soil added with compost can hold more water and air. Compost makes the soil light and so excess water drains well. When you use compost in the soil, the soil will help the plants to grow without much insect and disease problem. Compost helps to grow beneficial microorganisms, which in turn reduce the number of harmful microorganisms. Again it helps to grow plants better, which helps plants to resist any attack.

Compost increases soil fertility. Compost is rich with the most of the 16 essential elements needed by the plants. It releases the nutrients slowly in a course of time. You can say it is the best garden fertilizer. If the compost is made using different ingredients, it will provide more nutrients to the plants. It improves soil structure. Compost improves the physical condition of the soil by improving soil structure, soil texture, and soil air retention capacity. Soil becomes light and acts as a better medium for plant growth.

Compost is an organic component which can be used for organic gardening. It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by adding more nutrients. It also reduces the use of plant protection chemicals, by reducing the occurrence of insects and diseases. Thus, it saves the earth, soil, plant from harmful affect of the chemicals. Compost also helps to reduce the adverse effects of excessive alkalinity, acidity on soil and plants.

Compost keeps the soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter season. So, adverse effect on the plants can be avoided to some extent. It aids in preventing soil erosion. When the soil is covered with compost, soil erosion is reduced to a very low one. Mulching with compost helps here. This mulching also helps to check the weed growth. All these benefits come at a cheap price. Making compost needs vary less money. You also do not need to buy the compost. You can make it easily at home. It can be done at home without any special equipment and with the wastes you have. You do not have to buy the raw materials. Farmers around the world uses compost and believe it to be real help in their work. Plants grow healthier, less prone to disease, insects, pests when compost is used. Compost is a long term investment for your garden. This investment worth it, as the benefits are for long term and far more than the investment.

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