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Organic Gardening Business Tip 1: Give Away your Organic Produce for Free!

You obviously love gardening. But wouldn't it be great to actually earn money from your favourite hobby? Doing what you love?

Here's a tip to get you started:

Give away your organic produce for free!


Simply this: While you'd rather charge for what you grow, what you're really doing is investing in your future. See, in return for giving away a few "low~cost" items, in return you ask for a testimonial from each customer.

Is that really worth it?

Sure. You'll find you’ll soon have customers knocking at your door. See, often the reason why people don't buy is that they're not sure about you or you're goods.

And so getting testimonials (written recommendations) provide proof that you can deliver what you say you can.

For instance, what if you had a testimonial like this:

"I tried some of organic food and it tasted so good! The difference between the tomatoes I normally buy is incredible. I doubt whether he’ll be able to keep up with demand round here. He certainly has a life long customer in me!”
Jane Smith, Austin, TX

See how powerful that is?

A collection of those is worth thousands of dollars to you in sales down the track. That's why trading some of your goods for testimonials is such a good idea.

Of course, more tips and techniques are included in "How to Make Money with Organic Gardening" - available at: www.organicprofits.com

Peter Tremayne

The demand for Organic Produce is about to explode! You can make money from this right now!

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