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Gardening Resources for the Moon Phase Gardener

The Old is New Again

Although based upon very ancient growing practices, Moon Phase gardening is making a comeback. Spurred on by the "green" revolution and a return to organic gardening techniques many growers are rediscovering the benefits of planting, growing and maintaining their gardens by the phases of the moon. To be successful there are three key tools that you will need.

1) Gardening Glossary

The names of plants and the horticultural terms used in gardening can be quite confusing. This glossary covers most of the commonly used agricultural definitions. You will need to know some of these if you want to communicate effectively with fellow gardeners and nurserymen as you plan your garden.

As your gardening knowledge grows this glossary can serve as a ready reference for you to gain more insite into the subject. Learning to grow your own flowers, vegetables and other plants is one of the most rewarding undertakings you can do.

2) Hardiness Zone Map

This type of map presents growing conditions and annual temperature ranges for the area in which you live. These ranges are divided into zones that help in the planning of your garden.

By using the information in a hardiness zone map you can take advantage of the knowledge provided by years of scientific study. When following the principles of moon phase gardening knowing the first and last frost dates is essential to producing a successful moon phase garden.

3) Time Zone Chart

Moon phase gardening is sensitive to dates and times for planting, maintaining and harvesting your garden. Depending on the time zone in which you are located the rising and setting of the moon and zodiac signs vary from day to day.

Often you will need to be able to convert from UT (i.e. universal time) to your local time when referring to astrological tables. A time zone chart will help you to do that.

http://www.moonGROW.com is a website delving into Moon Phase and Zodiac Sign Organic gardening. By Gene DeFazzio, this site provides the basics of both astrological and organic growing for the home gardener.

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