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Fertilizer Spreaders - Lawn Tools For Pests, Weed and Feed

It is common knowledge that chemicals are almost always used to fertilize lawns and to protect them against pests and weeds. Chemicals can be manufactured or organic, but both will need a spreader or sprayer to apply them as evenly as possible.

A broadcast spreader is very useful to spread the products around your yard. They are essentially a tub on wheels with handlebars for you to push with. When you walk forward with it and squeeze a lever, the material is applied to your yard through holes on the bottom of the tub. The material goes through the holes and is thrown in an outward arc. You can adjust the size of the holes to allow more or less of the product to be applied.

Before using the broadcast spreader, you should read the directions for the chemical very carefully. You will learn what the setting should be for you to apply it, and you will learn when to apply it. Sometimes you should apply the material, then water it into the soil. Others shouldn't be watered or rained upon for at least 24 hours, or else it will be ineffective. If you don't apply enough, the product may not fulfill its purpose. If you add too much, it can burn your lawn.

You should wear gloves and maybe a mask to apply chemicals, since they can be harmful to your skin, eyes, or lungs.

To find out if you have the spreader on the correct setting to apply the right amount of the product, you should clear dirt and gravel off of your driveway, and dispense some on an area of a rectangular spiral. This should be done for about 12 feet per side. Compare the amount that is dispensed here to what the package says should be applied on that setting. The amount is usually correct, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything.

If there is a discrepancy, you should adjust the dial to dispense the correct amount. This type of spreader throws material in about a 5-10 foot arc, depending on how fast you push it. If you need to spread a product in a smaller area, another type of spreader may be more ideal.

A drop spreader works well for more precise applications. They just open the holes and the material drops straight down, rather than being thrown outward like the broadcast spreader does. It is nice to have a drop spreader to use around the edge of your lawn, near your driveway or sidewalk. It is not the best to use on your entire lawn because it is only a couple feet wide, and it can be difficult to avoid overlapping or having gaps.

Once you have the correct type of spreader for your lawn care job and test the amount that it applies, you simply have to walk up and down your yard like you are mowing it, or you can start in the middle and work out by walking in a rectangular spiral. Be careful not to overlap areas. Releasing the lever around turns helps to avoid this problem.

One final tip is to keep the tub as close to being level as possible. These tips should all help you to apply the correct amount of fertilizers, pesticides, and/or weed killers to your lawn.

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