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My Family Has Worms!

We have worms. They wiggle and wriggle right through our system. They eat the waste we produce and we don’t even blink an eyelid. You see we want them there. They are good for our environment and our garden is thriving on the rich Organic product they produce.

I should explain, that the worms I am talking about are specially bred to eat their own body weight in compost every day. Worm Farming (or Vermiculture as it is known) has been used for decades to reduce our waste and produce super rich organic nutrients for our soil. The fine “castings” produced by these worms are called “Vermicast”. The fine, saw dust like, grains can be used as an organic soil conditioner, fertilizer, top soil, potting mixture and a lot more.

Worm farms can be created in just about any old container such as a plastic drum or you can purchase a ready made worm farm from most local hardware stores or organic plant nurseries. The best worms to use are Reds, Blues & Tigers. These are generally considered best due to their rapid breeding rate and for the amount they eat each day.

The next time that you’re planning on adding fertilizer to your gardens, trees, lawns, rose bushes or potted plants, why not leave it up to the worms or Worm castings. There is no need to worry too much when it comes to worm castings. They are the richest organic Fertilizer I have used. They even help to control insects and diseases organically. They aid in controlling plant pathogens and root-eating nematodes organically as well. Unlike most chemical fertilizers, natural worm castings won’t burn tender young roots.

Eric J. Smith is an Organic Gardener and passionate Environmentalist. He is dedicated to promoting the need for an Organic, Natural World. Find out more on Organic Personal Care Products here

Source: www.a1articles.com