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Container Flower Gardening - 3 Simple Steps!

People commonly think that planting their own container flower garden is incredibly difficult, it honestly isn't.

If you learn the basic concept behind container flower gardening it will become so much easier, container gardening can then become a good, enjoyable experience for everyone.

Growing flowers in containers gives you the opportunity to express your creativity with different plants, flowers and colors. Anyone can easily put together a fantastic container flower gardening that can be put in your yard, on the balcony or on the patio.

Container Flower Gardening: Step #1

The first thing that you need to do is to decide the type of container that you wish to use, there are a massive range of different containers available that you can use to plant your own fruits, flowers and even vegetables in. The most common of all are window boxes, pots for the patio and hanging baskets.

There are plastic, stone, terracotta and even wood containers available that you can use to grow your own container flower garden in.

Drainage is also incredibly important, you need to make sure that there is sufficient drainage to avoid the plants becoming water logged.

Using the correct container makes growing flowers in containers so much easier.

Container Flower Gardening: Step #2

The second step is to choose soil that you are going to grow your flowers in, personally I recommend growing flowers in a high quality potting compost. This is available from most garden stores. The soil should be fertile and free draining to make sure your plants grow to the highest standard.

You can also add a fertilizer into the soil, there are a number of different fertilizers available which you can buy online or from a garden store. I usually use a multi-purpose fertilizer but there are other alternatives.

Container Flower Gardening: Step #3

Of course, the last step is the flowers that you are going to be growing. Try selecting plants that vary in high, color and contrast, this will add a whole new depth to your garden. There are so many people that are scared to experiment with plants, don't be. This is going in your garden so you can choose the flowers and how you want to have them arranged.

After planting you will just need to look after the plants, keep them watered when dry and if weeds begin to grow pull them out.

Container flower gardening is simple, just be brave and experiment. Growing in containers is an idea opportunity if you only have a small garden.

Gardening in small places is something that I talk about in detail my blog Container-Garden. To find out more about gardening in small gardens, patios and containers you should read my book "How To Create The Perfect Container Garden".

Source: www.articlecity.com